People unwind after work in different ways – happy hour, napping, a nice cup of tea. For me, it’s a cupcake. I’ve been craving cupcakes ever since our visit to Baked. So, after work today, ST and I made a trip to Butter Lane in Park Slope since I’ve heard good things about it.

The space is bright and yummy-smelling. Butter Lane has three varieties of cake flavors – banana, vanilla, and chocolate. The frosting flavors change. The cost per cupcake is $3 but we were only charged $16 for our order of 6. We got American chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, caramel, apple spice, and honey.

I ate two on the ride home.

The apple spice is pretty unremarkable. So unremarkable, in fact, that I couldn’t figure out what flavor it was and didn’t remember until I started writing this post. The cake was moist and the frosting was creamy and light though. I also ate the banana cupcake with strawberry frosting. Again, this didn’t do too much for me. It was good but unremarkable in the flavor department.

Salted caramel is my favorite cupcake flavor so I was looking forward to that one. It was decent.

Butter Lane definitely took care of my cupcake crave. Their cupcakes didn’t exhilarate my taste buds, but they were yummy nonetheless.

You have to start the weekend with a cupcake. You just have to.


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2 responses to “TGIF

  1. i think for $3, the cupcake needs some more pizzazz. i bought halloween cupcakes for the kids and myself. the girl wanted red velvet, the boys wanted chocolate and i chose a strawberry shortcake one. i do find them too big but they were good. not go all out of your way good but good enough. paid $3.5 for each one.

    as for winding down, i took the oh-so-coveted 4 hour nap 🙂

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