Lazy Day

Today was one of those gloriously lazy days that only come by every so often. One of those days where you lazy around in pajamas and watch the first Resident Evil movie on cable (zombie apocalypse movies are chicken soup to my soul).

I woke up an hour an a half before my alarm went off. I lay there just thinking about FB, real estate, bills, our future – everything. Then, it was time to wake up and start the day.

Pastor Bob preached about displaying Christlikeness and determining my calling before serving in ministry. This challenged me and I will be praying about it over the week. The long, hard, and most likely stressful week ahead. I usually get a bit depressed about work during this time of the year.

Anyway. After church, we came home for a pit stop before heading out to pick up some delicious cupcakes from Baked. I’ve been craving these since I last had them 😦 But we decided to lay down and that led to a blissful three-hour nap. After contemplating a visit to Red Hook for pupusas, we decided to stay in since we ate out last night at Song. ST whipped up some quesadillas for me and bratwurst for him. Then we settled in front of our respective forms of entertainment – streaming a football game and a new iPod app for him; Addams Family and Resident Evil on TV for me, plus blogging and online window shopping. This is our definition of a perfect evening. We watch an obscene amount of TV and definitely get our money’s worth with the Internet. We also have the second episode of The Walking Dead to enjoy tonight. 😀

I managed to coerce ST into picking up the laundry so I could play dress up with all my thrifted finds! I love the tunics, tees, and sweaters. The pants… not so much.

Let’s start with the good – this stuff fits me perfectly without any need for alterations.

  1. Silence & Noise cropped, asymmetrical top (Urban Outfitters brand). These retail for $24-34.
  2. Uniqlo tunic. This is actually long enough for me to wear without leggings in warmer weather. These retail for $30-40.
  3. Gap gray plaid trousers. These must have been altered by the previous owner because they were the perfect length for me. Score! Similar styles retail for $50.
  4. Benetton black wool wrap sweater. This was slightly baggy on me when I tried it on so I took a chance a threw it in to be washed and dried, despite the care instructions. I lucked out because it fits perfectly now. I found a similar selling on eBay for $28.
  5. Loft pink button-down dress. This was totally out of my element – I don’t know what made me pick it up. I usually stay away from button-down anything because I hate it when the fabric puckers and pulls apart. This fit pretty well, except for the length – it just needs to be hemmed.
  6. Brand-less yellow pocket tee. This was one of the last items I picked up and I’m really glad I did. It’s made of a soft, worn-feeling cotton and fits very nicely.
  7. Brand-less aqua, cream, and gold linen tunic. The colors and material make this perfect for warm weather. It’s kind of sheer, which makes me think it’s supposed to be worn over a bathing suit, but I think I can make it work if I find something to wear underneath.
  8. Barney’s yellow and cream dress shirt. The retro pattern on this shirt caught my eye and I’ll wear it with peep toes 🙂
  9. Vintage-looking brown tweed pants. Wendy picked this up first but figured she couldn’t fit them. They fit me perfectly! They remind me of my grandma, which is a good thing. I put these in the dryer on a whim and lucked out again. No alterations needed, though they are a wee bit tight around the waist now.
  10. Denim H&M moo-moo dress. I’d been eying this dress all of last year! But I could never find my size and really didn’t feel like coughing up the $35-40 for it. Great find!

This is the Loft dress. A leather belt, cardigan, and boots should make this a darling fall outfit. Side note: This mirror is really dirty, huh? It was already inside the closet when we moved in. You have to work with what you got.

The wrap sweater and trousers fit nicely. The sweater is a bit short because I put it in the dryer but I think it works. As you can see, my photography skills are awesome so you can’t really see the pants. They fit well and are comfy, I assure you.

Now, onto the maybes.

J. Crew chinos. These fit well around the waist but are a bit of a disaster everywhere else. This is usually my problem. I have a weird body – short (5 feet even) but not truly petite, with a short torso and not much of a waist. Pants are hard to come by. Since these were only $2, I want see if I can get them altered to fit. 😕

BCBG mod dress. I was on the fence about picking this up but my shopping buddy encouraged me to take it so I did. The pattern is cute, I guess, and the cut in front is interesting. I fit well enough but it needs several alterations – sleeves, hem, and shoulders. This is what it looks like cinched with a belt.

I think I can make this into a cute mini dress. However, I’m not sure if I’ll have an opportunity to wear this, so I’m going to wait on the alterations. The tailor I go to is awesome and beyond reasonably priced. These alterations would probably cost between $10 and $15. For a $2 dress, it would be worth it to make it custom. If I don’t wear it, it would be a waste of money, so we’ll see.

And finally, the sad, sad, no’s.

  1. Express trouser jeans. I love this look but they don’t fit me at all. Unfortunately, the neck rule is not infallible.
  2. Gap 1969 boot cut jeans. I was on the fence about these and I should have just left them. They fit at the waist and length-wise but they look like full-on mom jeans. I usually stay away from Gap jeans since they NEVER fit right but I guess I was living in the moment.
  3. Banana Republic brown linen pants. Linen pants rule! Despite the size 4 on the label, the neck rule checked out, so I took them. It’s like wearing a potato sack. 😦

I’ll try to re-sell these items at my local consignment shop. If all else fails, I’ll just re-donate them. No biggie. So, that’s three items that I can’t wear and one item that I bought for Wendy. That leaves 15 items for me, which brings us to a total of $1.67 per item.

I dropped off these items to the laundry service in our neighborhood and with a load of laundry added to it, the total was $9. So let’s say it cost $6 to clean these items. I dropped off three other items (BCBG pants, Uniqlo lambswool sweater, and Banana Republic cardigan) to be dry-cleaned and that came out to $10. So, my total spent before alterations is $41 for 15 items. That’s an average of $2.73 spent per item. 😀 😎 I’ll add the final costs later because I’m obsessive like that.

The verdict is that my first serious thrift experience was a huge success. I’ll be wearing these pieces for a while. Woo to the hoo indeed.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

One response to “Lazy Day

  1. Glad you found such great purchases! I definitely like the bcbg dress!

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

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