Final Thoughts

Based on my first Housing Works Buy the Bag experience, I’ve extrapolated a set of general principles that work for me:

  • Due to my weird height and frame (5′, average weight, short torso, not much of a waist), it’s tough for me to find pants that fit well. Unless I can try them on, I won’t be thrifting too many pairs of pants in the future, which is a shame since they are such a great bargain. I got seven pairs during the Buy the Bag event but I’m only going to keep three, maybe four pairs. They’re not like super-awesome-amazing either. Nice but just okay.
  • I will stick to tunics, sweaters, and dress shirts. These tend to be expensive and generic-looking at stores such as H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, and the like.
  • Keeping a look out for patterns and colors is the best way to sift through the madness.
  • Brainstorm a shopping list to stay focused while shopping.


  • It’s cheap, duh. 😎
  • When shopping at a mall or SoHo, it’s exhausting to walk from store to store. When thrifting, there is a plethora of great labels all in one spot. Sweet.
  • At Housing Works at least, I seem to be the perfect size for thrifting as most stuff I picked up was perfect for me. Yay for average-sized girls!


  • Can’t try stuff on and there are no returns. Boo.
  • Shopping euphoria/shopping in the moment can lead to unwise purchases.

I never knew thrift shopping could be so fun. I’m definitely hooked and will continue to add thrifted items to my wardrobe.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

One response to “Final Thoughts

  1. u don’t have a weird body. every body is different and as tim gunn says, u just need to know your body type and dress it accordingly. there r pants that will make u look good. u just have to find them. we have a similar body type, tho’ and it isn’t weird, lol. try mens or boys jeans. they r good for those who don’t have an hourglass figure. i’ve had luck w/calvin klein and ny & co jeans, too. i also like a-line skirts cause they give a straight body definition, too. ruching by the waist also gives definition and the illusion of a waistline. remember my dress at kim’s banquet? perfect example. i gathered all my tips from ‘what not to wear’ and from tim gunn’s style. love tim gunn. good luck!

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