Inner Harbor

Baltimore is a beautiful city though it’s sad to see such beauty punctuated with boarded up homes and homelessness.

We stayed at the Radisson Lord Baltimore which is close to the Inner Harbor. It has been years since I’ve visited the Inner Harbor and it is a really pretty tourist spot with lots of restaurants and shops. They’re all chains (Cheesecake Factory, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc.) but it’s still nice.

Side note: This was the first hotel I booked using Priceline’s bidding system. I bid $69 and got it! After taxes and travel insurance, one night came out to $92 + $31 valet parking for the day. Despite weird reviews on Expedia, we found the location to be nice and clean (not ghetto at all) and the staff to be super sweet and helpful. The room was clean and comfy. No smells, stains, or hair.

As with all our vacations, we just start walking in a general direction and hope to discover interesting things.

Like this pile of odds and ends on a building’s door step.

This flesh-colored cap with a weave wrapped around it was particularly intriguing. ST was pretty upset that I stopped to take a picture of this.

We walked by the Center of Marine Biotechnology but didn’t feel like going in. I should have though.

When we got to the Inner Harbor, we were pleasantly surprised by the Occupy Baltimore demonstration. Rock on, homies!

This is what it looked like early on Sunday afternoon – kind of like a hippie shanty town.

It took us an hour and a half to decide on where to eat… ridiculous. In the end we settled for Cheesecake Factory, which is a perfectly respectable place to dine. ST prefers to patronize mom and pop eateries. I just like food in copious amounts. After that we stopped into a few shops and finally, headed home.

We listened to my new CDs for most of the way 🙂

And so ended a blissful weekend. I highly recommend Inner Harbor for an affordable mini vacation. It’s a relatively short drive and there is lots to do for a day. If we hadn’t eaten so much and gotten food coma, we would have made it out to Fells Point and the Lexington Market. There’s always next time 🙂


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