Mi Favorito

This day didn’t start well but it ended pretty great.

The best part was while we were watching “Tron: Legacy” ST turned his whole body upside down. When I asked him what he was doing, he responded, “They’re upside down, I can’t see.”

I’m smitten.

Side note: WTH is “Tron” about? I read the synopsis and still couldn’t make sense of it. LAME!


About elbrooklyntaco

I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

One response to “Mi Favorito

  1. omg, i love those flats. did they have any in a size 6??? ironically, i was wearing a pair of flats i bought from target today. luuuuuv target!

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