We woke up bright and early at 11:00 to loud reggaeton music. Boomboxes are the birds of Sunset Park 🙂 We decided then and there that we’d take advantage of the gorgeous weather and redo our failed date yesterday. So off to the Village we went.

I was craving ramen and according to Yelp, Ippudo and Momofuku were in close proximity. We put our names down at Ippudo – even at lunchtime there is a 45-minute wait. That was an immediate turn-off. Waiting makes me grumpy. Since Momofuku was only a few blocks away, we decided to walk over and check it out. There was a large crowd of tourists there, which was an even bigger turn-off than waiting, so we walked back to Ippudo. Plus, I swear by Yelp and Ippudo is more highly rated. Ippudo was also recommended by Wendy, our ramenophile. Momofuku was more expensive – that was straw that broke the camel’s back, for cheapos like me. Fortunately, our names were called as soon as we walked in the door – only a 25 minute wait. Not bad.

Verdict? It was SO GOOD.

I love eel and this una don was prepared perfectly. I didn’t even take pictures of my ramen – I was too busy shoveling it into my face.

It was so good, in fact, that ST forgot about his beer. That has NEVER happened before in the history of ever.

Side note: I think ST is embarrassed that I take pictures of our food… 😀

We left full and satisfied. I felt like a G. Allow me to elaborate:

Or better yet, a Lannister.

The damage was $50 for two ramen sets and a Sapporo. Worth it! Our goal was to have a $20 date but its so hard in Manhattan. Also, I was really craving ramen so I was blinded by that. I’m not sure if we’ll be heading back to Ippudo anytime soon due to the distance, wait time, and expense, but we’ve definitely tucked it into our little book of yummy places.

My goal is to find a great ramen place in Brooklyn.

After that, we needed to walk off our meal. We decided to head over to the Wall Street protests since word on the street was that Radiohead was going to perform at 4. Liars! Can you imagine the madness if Radiohead was there though? ST is a huge fan so we had to at least try.

Along the way, I couldn’t help but notice these gorgeous wrought-iron, zombie apocalypse-friendly window and door bars.

The West Village is such a peaceful, beautiful neighborhood. A great place to stroll. We passed by Greenwich Letterpress and stopped in. What an adorable shop filled with delightful paper goods and vintage toys. Too bad the cashier guy wasn’t nice and it was over-priced. Polka dot cupcake liners were $10 a set while vintage tin cars were $15 per pack.

I also stopped into Buffalo Exchange just out of curiosity. It was small, stinky, disorganized, and worst of all – expensive. There were stained Coach canvas bags, ripped leather bags, watches for $35 and plastic rings for $7.50. Basically, it was gross. I understand that thrifting is an art form – I just don’t think it’s always a deal. I was wearing this shirt from Gap that I got for $5 with a pair of old James Perse shorts from Marshall’s, purchased for $40. At a glance, I saw old no-name dresses and tops ranging from $10-$25. Seriously? Thrifting only makes sense if it’s cheaper than new for comparable brands. I support buying used items as part of a green lifestyle. I don’t support getting ripped off, ever.

We stepped into Jonathan Adler because he rocks! I love his colorful, bold, and whimsical designs. We saw a boob vase and gorgeous porcelain coasters. I really like the snail box. At $78 it’s really pricey, but maybe some day we’ll have a place for it.

Boobies and butts!

Hello there 🙂

Anyway, Wall Street was a mess.

Our friends who work on Wall Street describe it as anarchy. Half naked women, protestors provoking police, etc. ST doesn’t know if he’s for these protests – after all, what do they hope to accomplish? I think it’s always good for people to speak out against injustice, no matter the timing or cohesiveness of the demonstrations. It would have been more helpful during the bailouts but I’ll take what I can get. Go on with your bad selves, crazy peeps of Occupy Wall Street.

We only hung around for 15 minutes – it was total chaos down there. We got home, ate ice cream, took naps, went to church, and are now watching Pineapple Express for the 100th time.

Redo was a success.


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