Deja Vu

This afternoon, I was waiting for ST to get ready for lunch. I settled myself on the couch and began reading my Kindle. I kept hearing these soft thumping noises but just assumed they were from our neighbors. Suddenly, I heard a thump that seemed kind of close to me. I looked around the room and…


This guy was slowly crawling toward a hidey hole.

Immediately SCREAMED for ST. He stuffed it into a bag and killed it. I laid out more traps in other places and we combed the kitchen and living room for more signs of our squeaky friends. Under the stove, where I’d previously crumbled rat poison, I found two pieces of green-colored poop. Awesome.

This led to an emotional breakdown on my part. Right before we headed out to lunch, I started crying. It’s been exhausting mouse-proofing this apartment. I feel like I’m living in filth. This apartment suits us so well – lots of space, great location, super price – except that its mice-infested. So now we’re faced with the decision of moving to a different place. Just the thought of how much money and energy we’ll need makes me sad.

We have four appointments to look at apartments tomorrow with my dad.



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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

8 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. it’s okay, bub! how about getting a kitty cat? think of them as cousins of the hamster which is an exotic animal (cost me $120 to find that out at the vet when her hamster was sick and it still had the audacity to die on us after i fed it medicine and anointed its beady eyes).

    maybe there is a lesson in the mickeys. i dunno, maybe love all creatures? it will get better and it doesn’t mean u r living in filth. it means that they r resourceful and hungry critters. that’s all.


  2. i think u can train your kitty to poop and pee in the toilet (i kid u not!). they have kits to teach them and it’s all about behavioral modification. how bout a dog? i do have to admit, si does have less roaches and rats than the other boroughs.

  3. btw, my nemesis was the roach and i am happy to live on the island, roach free.

  4. u must see this, lol! kitty using the toilet! they use similar techniques of behavioral modification to get the bears to learn how to ride the bicycle, lol.

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