$30 Date

The other day I chanced upon my favorite type of Groupon – movie tickets! This one was pretty sweet – $9 for two movie tickets + popcorn. Woohoo! I bought 3 since they’re only good until November and ST and I aren’t huge movie goers.

Anyway, we decided to go on a date while the weather was still relatively pleasant. We decided on Contagion because we both like movies that feature mass hysteria, infectious diseases, and the potential for zombie appearances. Alas, that last bit didn’t make it into the movie, but it was still pretty good.

It was perfect boot weather 🙂

While we were lounging around, ST clicked over to Brooklyn News 12 and heard about a Greek Culture Festival in nearby Bay Ridge. So we decided to stop by before the movie to grab some dinner. I think we’re going to watch this channel more often on the weekends to scope out fun things to do.

It was kind of like Staten Island, but Greek instead of Italian. Also classier since they had guys dressed up like Spartans.

The part with the rides was literally two blocks long so it was pretty boring. However, there was this hilarious clown in a cage egging people on.

We made a beeline for the food court – pork souvlaki sandwich for me, huge platter of grilled meat for ST. I figured the pork would be awesome since it was roasting on a spit before my eyes:

It wasn’t. The pork was tough and there were some pieces I couldn’t even finish. Boo…  two dinners + drinks set us back $26.

When we got to the theater, we didn’t have a problem getting our two tickets and popcorns. ST bought a medium soda for $3.75 so that puts this date at about $30. Not bad for dinner and a movie, even if the dinner was meh. All in all a fun date 😀


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

2 responses to “$30 Date

  1. i think fandango has every friday, bogo free. 2d movies r so much cheaper now, too. love how u make ur $$$s stretch!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I can’t do 3D movies – they make my eyes crazy.

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