Two years ago, I spent two weeks in Spain and France. It was ridiculously awesome, and my last European trip as a single lady.

First stop was Madrid. Here I am, biking past some plaza in Madrid…

Next stop: Barcelona. Riding bikes again past some plaza. My hair makes me LOL and cringe at the same time – this wasn’t that long ago 😦

Las Ramblas, with a creepy gargoyle guy:

Biking, yet again, in Paris. I remember we rode past some old military school. Random thought 🙂

Prior to that, tía Mel studied abroad in Florence, Italy and took advantage of the trains and Ryan Air to travel throughout Europe (I think she was the little travel bug that bit me). While in France, she chanced upon the most amazing macaron shop called Ladurée. When I got to Paris, that was my first stop. Luckily, our hostel was right around the corner. Très bien!

Enjoying the yummiest, most delicious strawberry tart ever.

So fancy, it’s fauncy.

A few weeks ago, my colleague told me that Ladurée had made it to the Upper East Side. I was beyond excited. I immediately texted Kim and Mel and we decided to make a girly date of it for Kim’s birthday. Unfortunately, NYC was on lock-down due to 9/11 so we thought it unwise to venture out there. So that was that.

Then, Kim surprised me with 16 macarons from my beloved Ladurée! There was another box in the bag – don’t worry, I can count 🙂

Unfortunately, her experience wasn’t that great. Apparently, there’s a rushed line of impatient macaron connoisseurs that huffed impatiently when she was choosing her flavors. There wasn’t much to the shop either. LAME.

That wasn’t the only problem we had with the American translation of our beloved Ladurée. The packaging is atrociously cheap – like, McDonald’s apple pie box cheap.

We brought over boxes and boxes of beautifully packaged macarons and tea. Thickly wrapped, rococo-stamped boxes. These boxes fell apart. DOUBLE LAME.

The taste was pretty legit though. Prior to this, we would make do with macarons from Dean & Deluca, which were chewier and taste as if they are made with inferior ingredients.

The rose flavor are mi favorito 😀

I’ll pass on the the American version of Ladurée, though. I can wait until we go to Paris.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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