Light Reading

One side effect of working is that I cannot sleep more than 7 hours. My body is programmed to need no more and no less than 7 hours of sleep to teach.

So when I woke up at 8:30 am on a Saturday morning, I did a bit of light reading. Cracked has this awesome list of 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen. DUH! ST and I have already got a game plan – I’m in charge of surviving the initial attack while ST has researched long-term survival. Theoretically, he knows how to make a generator from a car motor. It’s that serious.

Sound advice…

Our apartment is in a house that is relatively safe against zombies.

There are iron bars secured over all the windows and the front and back doors. Brooklynites (Chinese ones, mostly) install these prison bars to keep the bad guys out, not keep them in. They are perfect for zombies though because even if they smash the windows, they can’t climb in due to the bars.

I think real zombies would be blood thirsty like the ones in 28 Days Later (one of my favorite zombie movies of al-time, BTW), but less powerful and quick. Because how could being brain-dead and uncoordinated make you faster to zero in on prey? That’s just nonsense. No, they’d be more like the ones in Shaun of the Dead, but meaner and bloodier.

Becoming undead will definitely not make you stronger, faster, and able to scale a building with your bare hands and feet.

I Am Legend zombie

More realistic zombie, but also too fast and strong. Also, what’s up with the allergy to UV-light? Dumb.

28 Days Later zombie

Better, but too docile. Still one of the best zombie movies ever, in my opinion.

Shaun of the Dead zombie

I think the most realistic zombie is from The Walking Dead – I’m really glad this is a show and not a movie – more to watch. These zombies are uncoordinated and slow yet hungry and deadly if they manage to chomp on you and infect you with their neurotoxins. They’re not stupidly allergic to light nor did they gain super-human strength when they became undead. Yup, these guys are the best so far.

We shall see.

I am really in the mood to watch 28 Weeks Later now. Not quite as good as its predecessor (to be fair, as a sequel, that is implied) but it’s still a scary good time.


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One response to “Light Reading

  1. Hannah

    The best game plan is to go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for all this to blow over.

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