Happy Birthday, Kimbee!

26 years ago today, a tiny, inexplicably tan baby with an afro was born. That baby was your tía Kim.

She had one request for her birthday: sushi.

So we went to lunch at Sapporo in Bay Ridge. It was cute and casual and the food was awesome! Thanks, Yelp! The sushi was the best I’ve had in Brooklyn so far – fresh and delicious.

They are all smiles despite Tommy having a sinus infection 😦

The rolls were in the shape of hearts. Awww.

ST had udon with shrimp tempura and an egg. He loved eating this in Hawaii.

I had ramen with chicken. Yum! I love ramen!

We had intended to eat light because your great-grandma’s birthday dinner was tonight and we’d be eating early – at 5:30 or so. Once we got started, we couldn’t stop – we pigged out on mochi 😀 Green tea for Mel, black sesame for Wendy, and strawberry for me (my fav!).

Kim ate two heaping scoops of green tea ice cream. As you can see, she was really excited. Seriously, she was – she just has a dorky face 😀

After that, we went our separate ways and Wendy and I went to Century 21 since it was in the neighborhood. Parking in Bay Ridge is ridiculous – it took us at least 30 minutes! We settled on parking in the Century 21 garage, only to find out that you need a minimum purchase of $50 for free parking. Luckily, a sweet woman offered to scan her receipt for us since her husband’s purchase was above $50 and she didn’t need hers.

I had contemplated buying a pair of Kensie Kansas flats in red but decided set them down after holding them for 15 minutes. I think I just need to hold them for a bit 😛

Instead, I left with a really cute $13 Betsey Johnson skinny belt. I never wear belts. I simply don’t know how. I think I’m slowly easing into accessorizing and well, being stylish… sort of. I have a long way to go.

Anyway, by the time I got back to our apartment, we were running 20 minutes late for your great-grandma’s birthday dinner. Tía Mel quickly snapped this picture of my outfit…

Side note: Ultimately, I always find what I need in my closet. My shoes were purchased years and years ago from eBay and today was the first time I wore them. I still have shoes that have never been worn – I’m so glad I didn’t buy those flats! Also, I’m really not photogenic 😦

Unfortunately, we were still too full from lunch to fully enjoy dinner. We tried our best though.

Isn’t my grandma the cutest? She raised me for a few years when your grandparents were busy working and getting settled on the Lower East Side. We used to make vienna sausage sandwiches and dumplings together. Your great-grandpa would take me to mah jong parlors in Chinatown where the men drank, smoked, and played mah jong. Your great-grandma was a master at making clothes – I was never without a homemade sweater and blankets – you’ll inherit all of those 🙂

Your grandparents looked really spiffy.

Aunt Shirley made lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting – decadent! I ate two 😦 Her cupcakes are to. die. for. Perhaps I will learn her secrets and bake like that one day.

I don’t remember the last time my stomach was so full. That is something to be thankful for.

Happy birthday grandma, tía Kim, Aunt Rebecca, and Uncle Jonathan. May this year be filled with more blessings, grace, and  thankfulness than the last.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

One response to “Happy Birthday, Kimbee!

  1. that great wall supermarket in brooklyn sells the mochi. i like it too. thanks for the weddign extras. i’m envisioning a white shadowbox with a beach theme. your mom was so cute and told me how they enjoyed hawaii so much just driving around and enjoying the sights. she said now that your dad is in better health, she wants to travel to new places together which i thought was so sweet.

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