These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Boots and me have had a tough relationship. I never seem to get the style right. In the past, I’ve tried heeled boots, flats, wedges, leather, suede, ankle, bootie, over-the-knee – I can’t seem to find a style that suits me. I always get a bit panicky during this time of the year because boots are mandatory in NYC during the winter.

During the blizzard of winter 2011, ST and I got bored and trekked to Court Street for pizza and a movie. Check out the mountains of snow!

The kids on our block made this fat snow man… so cute. Side note: I’m pretty sure that brown stuff on the bottom of the picture is poop… just noticed that.

Here’s us, all pale, freezing, and newly wed.

So anyway, if you live in NYC you need boots well into spring. I have four pairs of boots that either haven’t been worn at all or just worn once or twice 😦

They’re cute but just not for everyday. Also, they were purchased prior to my shopaholic recovery so they don’t count. 😀

These are my everyday boots. I will continue to wear them this winter, of course.

So I’ve still been on the lookout for some boots that will last more than two seasons, both in construction and style. I’ve scoured the Internet for reasonably priced leather boots and came up empty. I was almost resigned to just buying a pair of Frye Dorado Low boots when tía Kim texted me about leather boots at Target.

Lo and behold, they had imitation Frye Melissa Button boots for $70! HOLLA!

Images via Target and Zappos.

The Frye boots are probably hand-stitched and made of higher quality leather but who cares? I doubt anyone can spot the difference when I’m wearing the boots. ST, on the other hand, can definitely tell the difference between $328 and $70 ($258, in case you’re wondering).

I’m sure the Frye boots are sturdy and long-lasting, but who’s to say the Target ones aren’t? Tía Kim has been wearing a pair of $9 Forever21 sandals for 3 years now! Like everyday wear, not special occasion wear. Last summer, she bought a pair of Tory Burch flip flops for $65 that didn’t even last two months. Lame. Mel also has a pair of $20 H&M sandals that she’s been wearing for about three summers. So, quality is not necessarily about materials or designer.

I quickly narrowed my choices down to three pairs. Then, I called your tías and ordered pairs for them too. In short, I ordered 5 pairs of boots for less than the cost of one pair of Frye boots. SAY WHAT?!

I also found a coupon code that gave me $5 off my order. Woohoo!

I’m not planning on keeping all the boots. I was worried they’d be sold out soon so I decided to just order a bunch and return what tías and I didn’t like. I only plan on keeping one pair. Maybe two… maybe 😀 We’ll see.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

15 responses to “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

  1. Joyce Cohen

    Really enjoyed this blog…gonna check out those boots…I wear a 6.5 too!!!!!!!!!! Funny when we spoke to Tommy yesterday he and Kim were at Target! Oh yeah! Dinner was great…so far the best bbq pork chops Demp has EVA grilled!

  2. all u need are a nice pair of black riding boots cause they r the quintessential boot that goes with everything and u can dress them up or down. if u are prone to cold feet, i would also recommend a pair of quality sheepskin boots. uggs r overpriced and the shearling is not as thick as warmbats of which i bought on for $50 or $60. i bought my black suede and leather riding boots on for $69.99. nice calfskin, were originally $268. they have some good stuff on their overstock section and u can always find a free shipping coupon or some other coupon on they also have the best customer service where they matched prices, free shipping on reorders, etc. go to and register your credit cards that u use for online shopping and you’ll create a nice nestegg for fb. don’t know how u feel about credit cards but my amex blue cash gives a nice cash rebate of 5% for supermarkets, gas, & drug stores after u charge $6500. we use that for all our supermarket shopping and have gotten back a nice check.

    i do enjoy reading your finds and saving $.

    • Thanks for the tip about upromise! I just registered – we’ve been using the Chase rewards card but it’s annoying since you have to call them to enroll in cash back every 3 months. I think I’m going to cancel it next month and change to an Amex card. They seem to have better discounts. The only other card Chase has is the Sapphire and it costs $95 per year but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

      • never pay to use a credit card. amex blue cash is free. i think of all the credit cards, amex blue cash is the best with 5% back. if your cashback is more than $20, you can call them to apply it to your balance. rarely do i pay for shipping cause i can usually google a coupon. you’d be proud, went to target and found a cute cardigan for $6.24 and a suped up 7ft. beach umbrella for $15.

  3. Wow, I just did a quick Google search for the Blue Cash card and there three types with no annual fee. HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS?! We’re definitely going to cancel our Chase card and go with the Amex Blue Cash now. To think of all the cash I’ve paid to use this credit card, lol. Like $100! 😦

  4. back in the day, people were happy to pay for amex just so they can say they have an amex. i’m thinking, the credit card people should pay people to use their cards and hence i applied for the costco amex which gave 3% back. then i saw my amex stmt online and saw their amex blue and that it gave 5% back on some stuff and at least 1% on everything else so we keep all our activity on amex blue cash (like supermarkets and gas) and it adds up.

    ah, landsend overstocks r good for tailored pieces for work. the quintessential white button down shirt is a staple that lasts forever. i’ve gotten button down shirts for work (for me and paul) for less than $10 bucks and add $5 for some monograming and u get a brooks brothers look w/o the brooks brother’s price.

  5. winnie

    1. i love my amex blue cash.
    2. please let me know if those boots are comfy and if their calf is wide. ive been wanting those frye melissa’s in cognac for 2 years now but the calf is too small for me. i also dont have $300+ to spend on them. good find carol!

    • I have really been missing out on the Amex Blue Cash! Totally doing it when my billing cycle ends. I will definitely let you know about the boots. I can’t take credit, Kim’s the one who found them!

  6. OMG I absolutely LIVE in my boots from September – May. I bought a pair of tan riding boots from last year and I’m so excited to bust them out again this year. I feel like I never fully appreciated a good pair of boots until I moved to NYC….and that’s saying a lot because I went to school in Pittsburgh 🙂

  7. ah, i did want to mention cause they seem to have some mighty sweet deals but sometimes it’s just more crack for the crackheads. i was kicking myself for missing out on their desigual sale. love their crazy looks but not their hefty price tag :*(

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