Rainy Day Entertainment

Besides online window shopping, there wasn’t too much to this weekend. I wrote new curriculum and watched tons of TV. This is not really different from a typical work night though. ST and I watch TV and catch up on Internet stuff (news and blogs) to de-stress. We have three laptops for two people… suffice to say we get our money’s worth in cable and internet.

This is what I’ve been into lately, in no particular order.

Awkward. This show is actually pretty cool. It’s about this girl who is infatuated with this boy. She has low self-esteem and they’re in a secret sort of relationship because she’s not cool enough. Sad, but very entertaining and realistic. It’s the kind of show that should bring teenagers solace in a “this too shall pass” kind of way.

Teen Mom. There are mixed feelings about this show, but I truly feel that this show should have its own curriculum taught in schools (working on it!). It is so educational. Aside from the fact that it’s a reality show and the moms are sometimes negatively influenced by being in the spotlight (Farrah’s breast implants and Amber’s fighting) every teen should watch a few episodes to glimpse the bleak reality of teen parenting.

Futurama. One of my favorite shows of all time. Back when the iPod Nano first began playing video, I uploaded all the seasons of Futurama onto it and watched it while traveling, commuting, and even at the gym. My favorite character is Leela, the bad ass mutant cyclops.

A Game of Thrones. I watch this on my iPhone using tío Saul’s HBO Go account. I like that it stays so true to the novels, which I’ve been reading through this summer. My favorite characters are Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow. Also, I’ve been into Sean Bean since he came out as Boromir in LOTR.

Alas, his characters always die first.

I’m reading A Dance with Dragons, the latest book. I really enjoyed reading the first three, but a Feast for Crows was awful. I should have just read a synopsis online and skipped it. But I digress.

Family Guy. This is another show that I’ve loved since forever. Your tías and I still quote Family Guy whenever the appropriate situation arises. I’ve even showed clips of this show when I was an adjunct professor at a local community college. Quality TV!

South Park. What a great cartoon! Another classic. Nasty, yes but also politically outspoken (Two Days Before Tomorrow is one of my all-time favorites).

I think that’s it. I wasn’t joking when I said we watch copious amounts of TV 😀


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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