One Year Down…

…infinity to go!

Today ST and I celebrated our first year of marriage. It was the perfect day.

ST woke up early this morning to do some secret stuff. When he got back into bed, I rolled over and saw this:

I was so surprised! Traditionally, the first year anniversary present is paper so he wrote me the sweetest, funniest, best letter in the world. Side note: Our wedding flowers were roses and orchids. ST thought the lilies were orchids. So cute.

Originally, we wanted to go on one last trip to round out our first travel-themed year but since we went to Hawaii for tía Kim and tío Tommy’s wedding, our wallets were a bit light for yet another trip. So we decided to celebrate with dinner at The River Cafe in DUMBO. It was a fancy schmancy, awesome night!

This afternoon, I went shopping with tía Kim for a new dress since The River Cafe is fancy. We shopped in Bay Ridge for a while but I didn’t buy anything but a $7 ring from Aldo. Turns out it was all I needed. Silly me, I forgot my own advice.

Dress from Forever21 (3 years ago), cropped cardigan from Gap, studded leather bag from Tory Burch (gift from ST when we were dating), Matt Bernson Bo Peep espadrilles, and my new ring : )

The River Cafe is right across the river from Manhattan so had a beautiful view of the skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. The view across the table wasn’t too shabby either : ) Side note: I’m corny.

The food was SO GOOD. I basically licked my plate clean at the end of each course. Side note: I always finish my food faster than ST. He runs a marathon, I sprint.

ST started with rabbit and dumplings. I had the lobster tails. YUM.

I’m pretty sure I ate those two lobster tails in 5 minutes.

For our main courses, ST had the sirloin (of course) and I had the duck (also of course. We’re so predictable). DOUBLE YUM.

Our desserts came out with candles and “Happy Anniversary” signs written in chocolate. So sweet and so, so delectable. ST had an apple tart with an AMAZING green apple sorbet. I had the hot peach souffle, which our nice and funny waiter poked and filled with peach compote for me.

Two hours later, I’m STILL full. My tummy has a big ol’ food baby in it : ) It was so fun and romantic.

This was definitely not a $20 date but so worth it!


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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