Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

ST and I love traveling. Our jobs provide us with ample vacation days. Here are the places we visited during our first year of marriage:

  1. Puerto Vallarta (our honeymoon)
  2. El Paso, Texas
  3. Roma, Italy
  4. San Francisco, California
  5. Pocono Mountain, Pennsylvania
  6. Honolulu, Hawaii

As we were discussing our plans for future vacations, we began brainstorming fun vacation spots with you. Here’s what we came up with:

Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico – This place is AMAZING. It’s a huge cave in the desert that was discovered in the 1920s. There are stalactites, stalagmites, bats, ponds, lakes, and all sorts of mining artifacts left over from the original discovery of the cave.

Side note: These images were captured with my trusty waterproof Olympus Stylus digital camera that is now swimming with the fishes at Kailua Beach Park in Oahu. Farewell, old friend.

Hueco Tanks in the outskirts of El Paso – Your dad took me hiking here during my second visit to El Paso. The views are beautiful and there is lots of beginner rock climbing and wildlife to be seen (we saw a rattlesnake!).

La Mesilla, New Mexico – This cute little town is close to your Abuelos’ home in El Paso and it has all sorts of stores and most importantly, ice cream.

Grand Canyon in Arizona – I visited when I was in high school and ST has never been. The Grand Canyon seems to just go on forever… it feels infinite. Check out this awesome view from the plane on our way to Honolulu:

Disney World in Orlando, FL – Three words: Harry Potter World! ST and I decided it would be ridiculous for us to visit without a child, even though I so want to. But we’ll wait.

Hershey Park in Pennsylvania – I haven’t been here since I was 12 or so but I remember I loved it! They have chocolate samples and chocolate-themed rides – ST may enjoy it more than you ; )

Strolling through Boston – ST has history with Boston. When we were dating, we went for a weekend trip and stayed at the hotel where he used to work. There’s excellent seafood, shopping, New England Aquarium, and of course, Fenway Park!

Side note: We will never go whale watching, ever.

Every Museum, Aquarium, and Zoo in NYC – American Museum of Natural History, NY Hall of Science, MoMA, NY Aquarium, Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo – enough said. You shall see it all!

Growing up, my family couldn’t afford to buy 5 plane tickets so we went on road trips a lot. The final destination was always fun but the journey was challenging in your grandpa’s baby blue Buick Century. I don’t remember what year it was, but it looked like this:

Road trips are totally fun. We definitely want to road trip it to Boston, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and maybe even Canada. We even went so far as to buy a comfy road trip friendly car that we have lovingly named Barney:

But a 24 hour drive to Orlando, FL is not fun. It is intense for all parties involved. So for non-local trips, we signed up for the South West Rapid Rewards Card. We got 50,000 points for our first purchase. My frugal spirit rejoices and does a happy dance.

Oh, the places we’ll go!


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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