Almost There…

We’re leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning at 4 am! Woohoo! Kim and Tommy left this morning and her dress got to ride in first class. Too bad they didn’t, though.

Anyway, when I last left off, our late night crafting didn’t end at the photo booth heart garland. While tía Kim was threading together the photo booth sign, I was outside spray painting.

Kim and Tommy are planning on displaying pictures of your Abuelos and Tommy’s parents at their own weddings on their cake table. They also needed frames for a few signs for the reception. So, we dug out the picture frames your dad and I used at our wedding and we spray painted them white.

Note to self: Never, ever buy this brand of spray paint again. Contrary to the claims on the can, all this spray produced were runs and drips. We wasted $7 on this : (

During our shopping trip to Lowe’s, we picked up a can of Rustoleum brand spray paint in Gloss White. It worked perfectly.

First, we removed all the glass from the frames. Then, we laid out torn up Trader Joe’s paper shopping bags and inserted plastic bags into each frame. Side note: The K and T letters were purchased from Kate’s Paperie on sale and we’re planning on displaying them on the cake table as well.

Once everything was set up, we donned gloves and used paper towels as gas masks. Spray paint fumes make me really dizzy. Then spray, spray, spray.

We left them outside to dry for about an hour while we finalized some other details. After a while, I decided to check on the frames and discovered it was POURING. No bueno.

All we could do was dab them dry with paper towels. The paint was still sticky.

While she did that, I began making decorative letters for the cake table. I was inspired by this item from Etsy seller SeashellCollection. Even though the paint on the letters were still sticky, I started working on them anyway. We were past the point of caring at that point.

First, I laid out the letters on plastic bags. Then, we ripped open two bags of seashells (purchased for about $2 each) and just started arranging them on the letters.

I layered shells on top of each other to minimize the white space on the letters. Side note: We probably should have washed the letters beforehand since they were a bit dusty, but we dabbed them with moist paper towels afterward and called it a night. Or day. It was 2:30 am when we finished.

Once I got the look I wanted, I started my hot glue frenzy. Behold the final products:

Then, we printed and framed signs and pictures…

ST came up with the ingenious idea of wrapping all the delicate items in plastic wrap, since we had a huge 13,000 feet roll (long story).

Then finally, finally… respite.


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