Say Cheese!

During our engagement, I used to save wedding inspiration pictures into folders on my desktop. After we got married, I started to gather inspiration for your nursery, projects we can do together, and food you might enjoy. Needless to say, my desktop got pretty cluttered with folders and I didn’t really look at the inspiration after I saved it because there was just too much.

Enter Pinterest, my new favorite website. With Pinterest, I can just pin my inspiration to a categorized board. Instant organization and no clutter of folders. It also saves the source of the inspiration so I can go back and look for more. Pinterest has been so useful in helping me organize ideas for our future home and all the other things I like to look at.

The Pinterest Challenge is a a great idea created by one of my favorite bloggers. The idea is to create one project that you’ve pinned per season. This is awesome because it motivates me to create something.

A while back, I found this project on Pinterest:

Originally I wanted to make this to hang in your nursery. Then, I decided it would be a cute decoration for Kim and Tommy’s photo booth.

To begin, your tía went to Home Depot and took a lot of paint chip samples. Side note: Apparently, there are a lot of projects you can do with these colorful freebies.

Tommy said he was embarrassed that Kim pilfered all those samples.

For this project, all you need are paint chips in your preferred color and a heart punch. Mine cost $10 from Michael’s. Your tía was going to buy it since it was her project, but I paid since I wanted to keep it for you : )

Then, choose the colors you like and punch, punch, punch…

Soon, you’ll have a little pile of hearts.

Once we finished this part, we went to Michael’s to get the rest of our supplies: one sheet each of orange and fuchsia foam, large needles, and some embroidery floss. I think we spent $5.

Instead of  a sign that says “Photobooth” Kim wanted something cuter so we decided on “Say Cheese.” I planned out what I wanted the letters to look like. Side note: We had a lot of paint chips left over.

Then I planned out how much foam I’d need for each letter – I didn’t want to run out. I cut up the foam and labeled each piece with the letter that was supposed to be cut from it.

Then, I simply started cutting. I cut the big letters first – S and C. Then came the lowercase letters.

After 25 minutes, I had this:

Then, I added the little hearts in complementary colors:

Now, all we had left was to thread.

It was tricky getting the letters to stay flat but after re-threading and turning the C upside down, it turned out lovely. Ta-da!

By the way, this is the night before tía Kim leaves for Hawaii tomorrow morning – 11:30 pm to be exact. Last minute much?


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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