Wedding Countdown!

There are 8 more days until Kim and Tommy’s wedding in beautiful Hawaii. It’s our first trip to Hawaii and I am so excited! Woohoo!

As usual, I’ve done a ton of research and have declared that we must do the following:

  1. Self-guided tour of Pearl Harbor
  2. Eat shave ice
  3. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay
  4. Eat shrimp and garlic rice from a shrimp truck
  5. Eat burgers at Hukilau Cafe
  6. Visit the Dole Plantation
  7. Become master surfers with lessons at Alysha Surf
  8. Go to a luau

Hopefully we can do all this in one week and more : )

In the week before the wedding, we are crunched for time to finish all our projects. After church today, tía Kim and I got our supplies from Michael’s, Target, and Christmas Tree Shop (a Staten Island favorite).

A few months ago, we decided it would be fun and original to hand out clappers at their ceremony. We ordered these cute pink heart-shaped clappers and I designed a simple sticker to customize them with. All we had to do was cut the stickers and stick them on. I love easy crafts! As always, our hero Harry Potter was there to see us through…

I flew solo for the next project because your tía Kim was too tired to continue. So, for their photobooth, I made mustache and lips on a stick. Things are just better when they’re on a stick.

I bought a 15 pack of roasting skewers for $1 and stiff felt for $1 per sheet. The only thing I like better than easy crafts are cheap ones! Your grandpa sawed each stick in half. I drew shapes onto scrap paper and then cut it out. Then, I traced the shape onto the felt. This was where I found my inspiration:

After that, it was simply a matter of hot gluing the stick onto the felt. Ta-da! Your mama’s crafty (not really).

The Amorcito

The Pioneer

The Genghis

Modeled by yours truly since ST and tía Kim are sound asleep at 1:35 AM (what can I say, I like this blog). I hope people have fun with them at the wedding.

We had stick-on mustachios at our wedding and everyone had a blast with them! They used them as side-burns, eyebrows, and even put them on their wine glass and named it Mr. Grigio. So, I figured this would be a fun variation. You can’t go wrong with a ‘stache at a party : )

Here’s me and Pancho Villa ST at our wedding almost one year ago. Side note: If you’re a girl, you’ll get all that pretty gold jewelry on your wedding day : )


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