Red Hook

Last week, tía Wendy’s boyfriend Randy (also your tío) was in town from the Bay Area so we decided to go out on a double date. We’ve always wanted to visit the Red Hook Food Trucks for dinner. I’m so glad we tried it – it was awesome.

The food trucks are parked every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer. There are lots of food trucks parked along two streets and families seated at the picnic tables enjoying dinner. We saw our neighbors there and they even had a TV set up to watch soccer.

There is a variety of Latin American food. We decided we wanted to try El Salvadorian pupusas – a thick corn tortilla filled with meat and cheese. SO GOOD. I don’t remember which truck we bought them from (it was the only one that had a big blue banner over it), but for $5 we got a pupusa platter made up of two pupusas, pickled red cabbage, sour cream, and peppers.

I couldn’t even finish mine!

While your dad was online for pupusas, I wandered over to another cart and got us some delicious horchatas. ST said they were the best he ever had.

The lines weren’t too long since it was a Sunday night. We found an empty picnic table and sat down for our feast. Wendy and Randy chose a truck called Antojitos Chapines for tamales and chicharones. Their food was very tasty as well. Side note: Aren’t they just the cutest couple?

So dinner cost $14 – $10 for two pupusa platters and $4 for two refreshing horchatas.

After that, it was time for dessert so we headed to nearby Cobble Hill and took a stroll through the neighborhood. I bought two mini cupcakes from Sweet Melissa Patisserie. The cupcakes were a bit cold and the frosting was hard but it tasted okay ($2.50). Sweet tooth unsatisfied, we stopped by Blue Marble and grabbed some ice cream ($7).

I had the strawberry sorbet. It was homemade and a bit gloopy in texture but still yummy.

After that, we went back to our apartment and watched a few episodes of Swamp People. This date cost $23.50 so it just missed the mark for $20 Date but it was still fun and cheap.


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