$20 Date

Our cheap dates are all about exploring parts of NYC that we’re not familiar with. Last Tuesday, ST and I walked around the Highline, a relatively new park that we’ve never visited. It’s a park built over an old railroad track – great concept. I especially liked the modern industrial design of concrete and steel. The park is a short 20-30 minute walk but we saw signs that its still developing. So maybe in a few years I will stroll it with you in tow.

I rocked my The Love Stud sandals. The top of my foot ached a bit by the end of the day, but no biggie.

The views from the Highline are really nice.

The foliage is pretty.

There are also unexpected pops of art here and there. Check out this amazing bird feeder!

There are popsicle vendors throughout the park. Of course, your dad wanted to get palletas from the Mexican vendor. We chose watermelon and jamaica (syrup made from hibiscus flowers) palletas = $7. They were delicious and refreshing in the heat.

We even saw the future building for the Avenues school for the global elite.

After walking the length of the park twice, we decided to take a stroll toward Madison Square Park. Along the way, I started craving another popsicle so I got a regular one from the deli just to see if I could taste the difference between a normal $2.50 one and a fancy $4 one.

There is a HUGE difference. The cheaper one was sickly sweet and made my stomach hurt all night. Blech. Never again! I will only make fresh popsicles for you.

Along our walk to MSQ Park, we chanced upon Eataly, Mario Batali’s (relatively) new Italian market. We decided to stop in since I’ve wanted to visit for some time. It was kind of like Whole Foods, except only Italian food. The produce was actually cheaper than the supermarkets in our neighborhood so we’ll stop in whenever we’re in the neighborhood. We picked up fancy water and white wine vinegar. We’ll only count the water ($1.50) because the vinegar was basically groceries.

Then we sat down for 15 minutes at MSQ Park. It was relaxing.

Later that night, we met up some friends at Natori in the East Village. I tasted alligator for the first time and it was yummy! The food was delicious but it was pricey ($50) and the service was less than stellar so we won’ t be back but I find myself craving alligator now… I think that’s why I watched a Swamp People marathon yesterday.

Gelato (tiramisu for me, pistachio for ST) finished the night up right ($8).

The reason I’m putting this under the $20 Date category even though dinner cost $50 is because dinner was a double date and I’m only counting our dates : )


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

2 responses to “$20 Date

  1. Oooh I still haven’t been to the highline, but it looks like we’re going to have to check it out soon! Also, will you make me a homemade popsicle too?! I really want one now, yum 🙂

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