Your dad attended the University of Massachusetts-Boston for a year and then lived in Boston for three years graduating from University of Texas-El Paso. During this time, he grew to love the Boston Red Sox. Being a Red Sox fan in NYC borders on suicidal.

Side note: We will never be psychopath baseball parents.

Anyway, in this great city, there are generally two schools of thought, baseball-wise: Yankees Rule or Yankees Suck.

Of course, ST falls into this latter category whenever we go to a Yankee game. I lean towards that category as well, for your dad’s sake. I secretly belong to the I Don’t Care category though. I definitely think Citi Field is way better than Yankee Stadium though. Citi Field is set up so that no matter where you’re sitting (we’re always in the nose-bleed seats) you have a great view of the field. Yankee Stadium is more elitist – you need good (expensive) seats to have the privilege of a good view. Also, Yankee stadium is in the Bronx and the only reason I go to the Bronx is for the zoo. The zoo is awesome.

Side note: Canon SD780 (top) vs. iPhone 4 (bottom) again. My untrained eyes still can’t see a difference.

Just for kicks – this is me and tía Kim at Yankee Stadium for tía Melody’s undergraduate graduation from NYU. It was raining and freezing, and we just had to suck it up in ponchos. That’s love.

The Franco family really enjoyed the game. ST and I booed while your Abuelo cheered.

The Mets lost. Oh well. I have a bunch of Mets t-shirts from back when tía Kim was a baseball fan. They should be considered vintage by the time you’re big enough to wear them, so I guess you’ll be a Red Sox fan and part-time Mets fan.


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