The Beginning

Your dad and I were engaged on November 15, 2010. This is also your grandparents’ (my parents) wedding anniversary. ST got down on bended knee at your grandparents’ house on Staten Island.

As a lover of planning, organization, and weddings, I wasted no time in wedding planning. Your dad was born and raised in Texas but he’s a New York City boy at heart. I was born and raised in NYC as well so we knew we wanted to get married in this fair city. Your grandparents insisted on a Chinese banquet.

We knew the hustle and grit of Chinatown wasn’t for us (images from here and here).

Once we found a chic Chinese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan and set a date, our Mexican-Chinese extravaganza was officially underway.

There was tons of crafting which I thought was fun – though your aunts may disagree. Side note: They’re probably going to be more than a little upset when they find out I’ve posted these roll-right-out-of-bed pictures of them.

Your tía Kim had to redo all our programs because your grandpa wanted to “help” and got the pages all mixed up.

Your dad and tía Wendy created these awesome flags for guests to wave at the end of the ceremony. Your grandma complained that all these details were unnecessary. A lot of things I do are unnecessary, I think. Take this blog for example. But if you’re anything like me or ST, you’ll appreciate details.

The week before the wedding, your grandparents’ house was chaos.

Friends and family arrived from Texas. The festivities officially began. And yes, tío Saul is silly all the time.

We brought a lot of Chinese and Mexicans together. This was almost everybody eating at Papacito’s in Greenpoint the afternoon before the big day. We roll deep.

Before I knew it, I was standing outside of Tillman Chapel, breathless, nervous, and crying. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to marry ST – it was quite the opposite. I felt overwhelmed with joy and the excitement of what awaited just behind door. After a quick prayer by tía Jiwon that calmed my heart, I was ready to go.

I couldn’t believe how many people were inside when tío Tommy opened the door. There were so many flashing lights but all I could see was your dad’s face. He was so dashing – I thought he looked like James Bond, only better.

Our ceremony was really special and it came together better than I thought it would. Your grandpa gave the exhortation, which is like an introduction/anecdote for the couple. It was long. Our friend Sue translated for him and called your dad his new “daughter-in-law.” Pastor Wing also cracked some jokes while he was at it. Your Abuelos Franco presented us with the lasso.

Then it was time for a beso. And that’s how it all began.


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I'm a lover of urban living, thriftiness, and blogs! The concept behind this blog is to document the growth of our family and our adventures living in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn.

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